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March 15, 2018

About the Petaluma Arts Center

The Petaluma Arts Center, located in Petaluma California, is a non-profit organization that has several different types of artistic exhibits to offer for the public eye’s enjoyment. Their most recent exhibition, named The Power of 10: Scaling Up, was debuted on January 20th and lasted until March 24th, and was the first exhibition of 2018 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Arts Center’s opening. The exhibition also celebrates the 10+ artists that were involved in the project fo...
January 15, 2018

Hikes at Olompali State Historic Park near Petaluma

The Olompali State Park is around thirteen miles from Petaluma and three miles from Novato. It is located off U.S. 101 with views of San Pablo Bay and the Petaluma River when you hike the eastern slopes of the fifteen hundred feet tall Mount Burdell. The term “olompali” is not English but borrowed from native Miwok language. It means southern village. Some experts say it means southern people. Both may be right. It is estimated that the Coast Miwok were settled in the area and had co...
January 05, 2018

Explore The Military Antiques & Museum

Are you a military buff? Are you interested in a firearm or the history of warfare? The Military Antique Museum is located at 300 Petaluma Blvd N in Petaluma, and is a must visit for those of you interested in military history. It has some of the most exquisite range of military weapons and antiques that you can’t find elsewhere. If different military weapons and history intrigue you, this is definitely the place to visit for you. About the Military Antiques and Museum The Museum consist...
December 15, 2017

Visit Military Antiques & Museum

The Military and Antique Museum is located in Petaluma, a welcoming town in the heart of Sonoma County in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Museum has a wide selection of military weaponry spanning from WW1 through to today’s modern military. About the Military Antiques & Museum The Memorial Military Museum is named after Sgt Richard A. Penry, who was the only Petaluma native-born soldier to receive a congressional medal of honor. The museum is also dedicated to the memory of all honor...
November 15, 2017

Must visit de Young Museum in San Francisco

The City of San Francisco is a city that is rich in history and offers culture and experience for its millions of visitors. SF is home to countless museums, galleries, and exhibits. One of the most important cultural institutions in The City is the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. About The de Young Museum in San Francisco The de Young Museum in San Francisco is certainly a must visit museum when visiting The City. This museum is one of the two fine arts museums in San Francisco, of which ...
October 15, 2017

Take A Nature Walk at Shollenberger Park

Shollenberger Park is a wetland park in Petaluma that has gained huge popularity within the past few years attracting 150,000 annually. You can enjoy running, walking and jogging along its 2.2-mile path. Schollenberger Park is also loved by avid bikers as they love to ride from Alman Marsh towards Petaluma Marina. This 165-acre area was named for Richard Shollenberger, who was chief of the parks department. Shollenberger Park has been hosting visitors since 1995. You will find a parking lot at t...
August 15, 2018

Visit the Petaluma Arts Center

Petaluma, California is a beautiful city that is located in Sonoma County that is known for featuring several historic landmarks and many beautiful parks. This city is full of historical value, and there are an abundance of museums and historic sites to confirm this fact. The Petaluma Arts Center stands to commemorate the tradition of local and national art styles in the city, while also hosting exhibitions and providing a place for locals to market their artwork. About the Petaluma Arts Center...