Visit Military Antiques & Museum

December 15, 2017
Petaluma Attractions

The Military and Antique Museum is located in Petaluma, a welcoming town in the heart of Sonoma County in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Museum has a wide selection of military weaponry spanning from WW1 through to today’s modern military.

About the Military Antiques & Museum

The Memorial Military Museum is named after Sgt Richard A. Penry, who was the only Petaluma native-born soldier to receive a congressional medal of honor. The museum is also dedicated to the memory of all honorable veterans who served. The museum offers visitors 2000 square feet filled with military history and elaborate displays of one-of-a-kind items that were used in Hitler’s Afrika Korps, the United States Homefront of World War II, weapons that were actually used in wars, and distinctive swords. To bring the personal side into focus, the museum also features the gear, and clothing worn by soldiers, actual letters from soldiers during wartime, personal items, art, and more. The purpose of the museum is to teach the public of the dreadfulness of war and to honor the memory and remember the bravery, and humor of the soldiers who bravely served our country.

About the Military Antiques Retail Store

The retail section of this expansive 4000 square foot building offers perhaps one of the largest selections of military weapons and gear found in the United States. The store serves collectors from across the globe and offers military connoisseurs Battlefield relics from the Civil War, and Japan, antique firearms, relics from pre WW1, WWII British Commonwealth, cold war, aviation items and more. If you are in the market for field manuals, medals, posters, prints, collectibles, military toys or even trench art, the Military Antiques & Museum should be on your sightseeing list.

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