Hikes at Olompali State Historic Park near Petaluma

January 15, 2018
Petaluma Attractions

The Olompali State Park is around thirteen miles from Petaluma and three miles from Novato. It is located off U.S. 101 with views of San Pablo Bay and the Petaluma River when you hike the eastern slopes of the fifteen hundred feet tall Mount Burdell. The term “olompali” is not English but borrowed from native Miwok language. It means southern village. Some experts say it means southern people. Both may be right. It is estimated that the Coast Miwok were settled in the area and had continuously inhabited for almost eight thousand years until the mid-nineteenth century. The large boulder known as kitchen rock is a singularly distinct feature at Olompali. It is believed that the structure was used by the early settlers to ground seeds and acorns to make flour. It is also believed that the boulder drew the village folk to socialize as they prepared food.

About Olompali State Historic Park

Olompali State Historic Park is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During summer, the park may be open every day. You should check the updated timings. CalTrans has developed a new route to the Olompali State Historic Park. You must now take the Atherton/Redwood Blvd and follow directional signage from northbound and southbound lanes. You can no longer enter the park just off Highway 101.

The State Park has trails for hiking, there are designated picnic areas with shade and you can also test your skill at horseback riding. Dogs and bikes are prohibited on the trails. Admission per vehicle is $8. You need to pay for it with a credit card. Cash is not accepted. Fit only for day use, the park has a visitor’s center that is open three hours in the afternoon every Saturday. Many initiatives are underway to make the place more educational. Presently, there are two houses, respectively made of redwood bark and native tule reeds. There is a garden with native plants. There are informative labels so you can take a self-guided tour. If you are traveling in the spring or summer, the weather ranges from warm to hot. Winters are usually cool. You should dress accordingly. The hiking trails are not strenuous but provide a pleasant escape the bustle of the urban environment. You can learn more about Olompali State Historic Park here: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=465

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